Shy children that grow into shy adults: the whispered confession that you still find it really hard to make friends, that there are few places in which you feel comfortable staying, that you lack confidence, that you do not have a social life or a lover or children with which to cushion yourself, make yourself comfortable in this illusion that we call the world.

All of us functioning, outgoing, accomplished and capable adults share a remembered past that still hurts us deep in our core.

But don’t let that stop you, darling. Let it be the grain of sand deep within your heart. let your heart work hard, forming calcium carbonate in concentric layers around it, until one day you discover that lovely shyness and hesitancy has been transformed into a beautiful pearl right at the center of your soul.

Keep it deep within, surround it with prayers and protection, and show it only to the special ones who will value it and show you the pearl they have at the center of their hearts, too.

And remember that the dwellers of Paradise will be adorned with pearls.

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