On Melania’s Nude Photos

Trump numpties calling Melania’s nude pics “feminism” while in the same breath calling Michelle Obama a big black transvestite – should I puke, laugh or cry?

Melania posing for nude photos is not feminism. It’s capitalism + chauvinism. Women’s bodies commodities, supplying male need for voyeurism.

Of course Melania is free to pose nude. But Republicans, traditionally pro-family values (anti-porn), are hypocrites to support this now. And should nude pictures surface from anyone on the Democrat side, you can imagine the response.

When Michelle Obama wore a sleeveless dress, the Republicans attacked her vilely. But this isn’t about a woman having the right to wear what she wants, or to be nude. This is about the Republicans and their attack on women’s bodies and reproductive rights. Melania undressing herself is feminism, but Republicans opposing abortion, sex education, birth control, and women’s reproductive rights is “irrelevant” according to them.

As for Indian men attacking me and @taslimanasreen for calling this out, you need reverse lobotomies and a good therapist.




7 thoughts on “On Melania’s Nude Photos”

  1. Erm. No. Republicans tend to have greater affinity for family values, but isn’t the point of feminism to promote individual choice? Or are you the kind of feminist who strives to break existing bottlenecks on women only to pigeonhole them later? I’m not saying your position is wrong. It’s just regressive.

    In a way she’s more of a “Republican” than any other equivalent person in her standing. You’re right in a way. It’s capitalism and chauvinism. She understands market forces, and she knows how to use her sexuality to profit from it. You call it sexual objectification when men consume the content to which she contributes. Those same men are cash dispensing objects to her. You cannot simply dismiss people supporting her as Trump’s unthinking followers. Besides, most of them are not even supporting her; they’re pointing out yours and Taslima’s hypocrisy for acting against what they believe feminism is. You by no means are the right kind of feminist and you are not the arbiter of feminism.

    BTW, take a look at the diverse crowd replying to you. Some of them include atheists born to Muslim households and even they’re able to see through your bullshit.


    1. Don, you seem to have no understanding of the Republicans’ opposition to women’s reproductive rights which to me is a greater issue in feminism — and a greater danger to women — than whether or not a woman has the right to pose naked and profit from it (and I think she does). To me this is the real issue: that Republicans have opposed abortion, access to birth control and emergency contraception, sex education in schools, and even pornography, but that Melania’s photos are the feminist right that needs to be protected and championed is the real hypocrisy. In my opinion third-wave feminism has succumbed to capitalist pressures by making women the producers and owners of their own objectification.


  2. Melania posing for nude photos is not feminism. It’s capitalism + chauvinism. Women’s bodies commodities, supplying male need for voyeurism.

    Melania posing for nude photos is not feminism. It’s MANY women’s default nature. Use sexual power and earn $$$ at a rate few men can ever earn. Why bust your ass at 10$ per hour if you can get 1000$ per hour?

    Sex Worker Maggie McNeill says:
    Where Are the Victims?
    May 14, 2011 by Maggie McNeill
    One of the reasons for the failure of feminism to dislodge deeply held perceptions of male and female behaviour was its insistence that women were victims, and men powerful patriarchs, which made a travesty of ordinary people’s experience of the mutual interdependence of men and women. – Rosalind Coward

    On February 18th I wrote about the absurd rhetoric employed by federal prosecutors in their persecution of Gregory Carr, one of the owners of Miami Companions, a large interstate escort service targeted by federal prosecutors for (as columnist Darrell Dawsey pointed out) being too successful. Mr. Dawsey quoted prosecutor Barbara McQuade as saying, “Our goal is not to stamp out prostitution. I don’t think we’ll ever do that…but what we are concerned about is deterring criminal organizations from exploiting women as a commodity for profit.” But clearly, McQuade’s stance (also echoed by her lackey Jennifer Blackwell below) has nothing to do with law or justice and everything to do with neofeminist rhetoric…unless, of course, federal prosecutors are also planning cases against modeling agencies, day-care centers, clinics, elementary schools, strip clubs, secretarial pools and every other business which relies primarily or entirely on female labor and therefore “exploits women as a commodity for profit”. In the warped minds of neofeminists, $500/hour escorting is “exploitation”, but cleaning toilets for minimum wage is not.


    1. I don’t think of Melania as a victim. I think of her as complicit in a system that makes $$$ off women’s bodies for men, no matter how well the women are paid. There’s always a billionaire at the top heading companies that make huge profits off scores of women choosing to pose naked.


      1. Women profit off of men’s bodies.
        They live in houses built by men.
        They travel in cars, buses built by men, and on roads, railways and planes built by men.
        Everything we can see with our eyes is built by men.
        Women profit and live off of mens bodies. And they DONT EVEN PAY $$$ to men.
        Compared to that, yours is a non-issue.


  3. You live rent-free in women’s wombs for 9 months and then are looked after for 18 years after that by a woman. AND YOU DON’T EVEN PAY $$$ TO WOMEN.


    1. YOU ALSO lived rent-free in your MOM’s womb. Did you pay her $$$?
      And while your MOM was pregnant, and nursing, and chilling off at home.. she leeched off of your DAD’s or GRAND-DADs $$$.
      See how stupid these arguments are? People who read this must be LOLing.


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