Vote for Nighat Dad

Nighat Dad is an amazing woman. She’s a lawyer who founded the Digital Rights Foundation, an organization which defends online freedom and the right to privacy for women, minorities and dissidents. In 2015 she was named by TIME as one of the world’s next generation leaders for her work helping women to fight online harassment.

She has also been instrumental in opposing the Pakistan Electronic Cybercrimes Bill. If you are able to read this online from Pakistan, she is the person fighting for your rights online, and trying to protect you from government censure for your online activities.

Now she’s been nominated for the prestigious Dutch Tulip award, given to one remarkable human rights defender. The award comes with a 100,000 Euro award, which Dad says she’ll use to set up a hotline for victims of cybercrime and harassment.

But she needs our help. We have to vote for her all this week to make sure she gets into the shortlist. Go to this link and press VOTE. Then wait for the validation email to come to you and follow the instructions. It’s that simple, but we don’t have much time to help her win. It would be a great honor for Pakistan if she does, and a way of saying thank you to Nighat Dad for all the work she does on our behalf.

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