We All Know Who Donald Trump Is

Trump is the over-affectionate uncle you tried to avoid at dinner parties. The gym teacher who *helped* you with your tennis swing.

Trump is the college classmate who knows that you like him, but you don’t know it yet. He’ll help you to know what you really want.

Trump is the man in your office who knows you won’t say a word because you really need this job.

Trump is the man who stands too close to you, puts his arm around you, presses his thigh against you.

Trump is the man telling you Bill Clinton did much worse. The man who tells you “it’s our little secret” and “nobody will believe you.”

Trump is the astonished friend who says, “But I thought you wanted it!”

Trump is the man who makes your stomach clench and your heart pound when you know he’s going to be in the room.

Trump is the man who’s such good friends with your parents, they would never believe you if you told them what he was doing to you.

Trump is the family man with a beautiful wife and daughters who still tells you that you’re beautiful and he can’t help himself.

If you are a woman, you know who Donald Trump is.

1 thought on “We All Know Who Donald Trump Is”

  1. Much respect and ‘izzat’ to you Bina Shah.

    I am NOT a woman, but even I know who and what Donald Trump is. He is a sad case. There are plenty of them around, unfortunately.

    Stay free.



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