MOAB – Afghan bombing to have serious impact

I am appalled, just appalled, by yesterday’s news: a lynching in Pakistan, a bombing in Afghanistan. For the first time in a long time I went to bed in despair. This world is full of people treating each other so badly…

For those of you in America who think the bombing in Afghanistan might not be such a big deal – or rather, whose media is trying to convince you that dropping 21,600 pounds of ordinance on people’s heads is no big deal, nobody was living there, etc. etc. – I’m quoting my friend Ali Dehlavi, who works for WWF:

“Nangarhar (100k population) borders KPK/FATA (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/Federally Administered Tribal Areas). The Kabul and Kunar rivers are disputed by us there; and, the national/border police chief there is backed by Afghan/NATO forces; it’s ‘the’ economically/Pak-trade-active province.

“Pakistan, I expect will be discussed a lot in coming days in the news for our/UNHCR recent refugee policy, history of persons in our territory training/joining Al-Qaida there, and our mosques and other public areas are likely to break into protests tomorrow following the US drop in Achin, Nangarhar, of its GBU-43/B (wide radius but not deep earth penetrator weapon) some 6hrs back.

“Wonder what the effects are on local farmlands, aquifers, and Kabul/Kunar rivers. Wonder what our MoFA and army will do. How will refugee numbers and flow go? What’s the CPEC impact? No doubt we’ll hear about all this but mostly about poppy fields, Al-Qaida [and ISIS], tunnel networks, North Korea, and the TNT equivalent yield of the bomb and bigger ones…”

Pakistan, are you paying attention? America, do you care? Or will everyone just say “No big deal, we’ve dropped bombs like this before” until the next one is nuclear?

3 thoughts on “MOAB – Afghan bombing to have serious impact”

  1. Not sure why 21,600 pounds of delegated legislation (ordinances), presumably on paper pages, could have much effect when dropped in a rural area bereft of people (particularly non-combatants).

    Even 11,000-pound airburst ordnance delivered to such a point target would have had little effect in such terrain and geological structures. It will, hopefully, have had a serious effect on the Islamist extremists targeted there, and stopped them enforcing their misogynist views, such as kidnapping women as sexual slaves based on bigoted interpretations of the Koran.

    Knowing the borderlands of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Baltistan and Ladakh fairly well, I’m fairly sure most of the women living there don’t have much regard for Islamist hyprocisy.


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