Music workshop with Chilly Gonzales

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know the music of Chilly Gonzales, you’re in for a treat. Chilly is a Canadian pianist, producer, electronic music and rap and club banger genius, living in Germany and delighting worldwide audiences and fans with his compositions and productions. His album of chamber music, Chambers, with the German string quartet the Kaiser Quartet, is one of my favorite albums of all time, while his piano song “Gentle Threat” helped to set the mood for many of  my late-night writing sessions when I was working on Before She Sleeps.

Chilly is well-known for his innovation and his very different approach to playing and making music: it should be fun above all, and rules are to be played with. He has worked with and collaborated with Daft Punk, Drake, Feist and Peaches, just to name a few of the famous musicians who have come to him for his insight and his unique sound. Anything infused with Chilly tends to have an edgier feel, a funkier sound, and is immensely listenable and danceable.

Now, he’s giving 6 musicians from anywhere in the world the chance to learn music with him at The Gonservatory, his latest project. You must be a performing musician, 18+ and willing to travel to Paris in April for an all-expenses-paid weeklong workshop where you’ll learn about making music from Chilly and from each other. You can be a composer, a rapper, a flute-player, a singer, or anything in between. As long as you write and perform your own material, you can be selected, and the details can be found here and below:


Grammy Award-­winning entertainer and composer Chilly Gonzales is CALLING ALL PERFORMING MUSICIANS!

Join him in Paris to study at The Gonzervatory, an 8-day residential music performance workshop. Six selected students will win an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris for a week of intensive coaching, masterclasses and rehearsals, living together in musical immersion and culminating in a public concert led by Chilly Gonzales himself.

The Gonzervatory is open to every musician 18 or older, from all parts of the globe, who write and perform their own material: composing instrumentalists, singer-­songwriters, rappers, producers. Together we will explore Musical Humanism, audience psychology and what it means to be a performing musician in 2018.

At the Gonzervatory, students arrive to a Convocation Concert at Le Trianon theatre in Paris on Thurs. 26 April, 2018. Their first meeting with Chilly Gonzales will be … on stage! During the week, students will live together in the loft, a musical home created in partnership with Sonos. Each day starts with one-on-one coaching sessions with Gonzo, followed by afternoon masterclasses from special guests selected from his friends and collaborators. Each evening the students rehearse together, learning and practicing each other’s songs for the Graduation Concert also at Le Trianon on Friday 4 May, 2018.

The experience, with all its inevitable struggles and triumphs, will be documented and shared with viewers all over the world. Livestreams of both of the concerts, daily video debriefs, as well as an online fanzine of photos, illustrations and essay pieces, will allow audiences to witness personal exchanges in real time and develop an emotional investment in the participants’ musical progress.



Really, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Years ago when I was a student I had the option to become a musician or to go into a solid intellectual field. I chose the blue pill and reading about the Gonservatory makes me wish I’d gone the other way. But I’ll be happy to listen to the results next year…

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