Before She Sleeps

I’m excited that the cover of my next novel (forthcoming summer 2018 from Delphinium Books) has finally been approved and I can share it with you.


Greg Mortimer, the graphic designer behind this beautiful cover, took a stock photo of the supertrees at Singapore’s Garden by the Bay, and did some magic with the color to suggest either dawn or sunset — we wanted the effect to be enigmatic and ambiguous. The novel’s dystopian nature, its story of a world where there are far fewer women than men, is reflected beautifully in this cover, which I find eerily beautiful.

For more information about Before She Sleeps, the title of which is of course a play on the famous Robert Frost poem, Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening, click here. It’s a quick blog post for Delphinium about how I came to write a dystopian novel about life for women in South Asia and the Middle East. You can also read my column “Imagining Dystopia” in the Dawn, for the novels that inspired my work in this direction.

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