Essential Pakistani Women on Twitter

This list came out of a thread that was started by Nighat Dad (@nighatdad) who asked people to tag the Twitter accounts of Pakistani women that they found compelling enough to follow.

There was a valid question in the thread raised by Oil_is_Opium (Karachi Feminist) about whether lists like these are exclusionary and perpetuate the power structure that women’s Twitter seeks to subvert. But there is a strong need to highlight women who speak up in a public way on social media and to highlight the conversations that are taking place about and between women, so I’ve compiled all the names that were listed in the thread.

Note: This is an open list and can be added to at any time (just leave the Twitter handle in the comments). I haven’t included any descriptions of the women because they can be easily found by clicking on their names. I haven’t edited the list in any way or added or removed accounts – this is a crowdsourced list, not one that belongs to me or anyone exclusively.

January 10: This list is now being maintained on this public document here. 


Political scientist
Blogger Dawn
Editor Friday Times
Academic LUMS
Awesome woman
Academic UCL
Journalist Hum News
Police Punjab Police
Awesome woman
Journalist Dunya TV
Awesome woman
Awesome woman
Author & translator Global Voices
TV Reporter ARY News
Anti-VAW Activist
Policy analyst TechJuicePK
Journalist, Bureau Chief VOA Afghanistan & Pakistan
Editor Dawn
Awesome woman
Lawyer, writer
Bookstore owner The Last Word
CEO Mushawar UK Ltd
Awesome woman
Journalist Newsweek Pakistan
Editor Bloomsbury UK
Project manager
Awesome woman
Awesome woman
Awesome woman
Writer & Mentor Ananke Mag
Writer, reporter
Awesome woman
Lawyer, mental health advocate Asia Foundation, ColourBlue
Social psychologist
Environmentalist Pak2W2
Country Manager Pakistan Australia Awards
Technology WomeninTechPK
Awesome woman
Activist, editor Pakistan Alliance for Girls Foundation
Journalist BoloBhi
Energy analyst Goats For Water
Engineer, journalist TechJuicePK
Awesome woman
Former politician
Women’s Rights Activist Punjab Commission for the Status of Women
Journalist BBC World Service
Awesome woman
Urban planner
Awesome woman
Activists Girls at Dhabas
Human rights activist Aware Girls
Writer, sociologist
Awesome woman
Writer, Editor Dawn
Human rights defender
Academic CSIS International Security Program
Development, human rights
Doctor, political activist
Broadcast journalist Express News PK
Political Scientist
Journalist Express News
Political worker Awami Workers
Journalist TRT Urdu
Technology goddess The Nest I/O, PASHA
CEO Invest2Innovate
Owner, Editor Soul Sisters Pakistan
Journalist, blogger
Awesome woman
Lawyer, activist
Writer, editor Austenistan
Pakistani Ambassador to the UN United Nations
Girls’ empowerment Lyari
Journalist SAMA TV
Researcher, journalist
Writer, Journalist
Girls education activist Oxford University
Parliamentary secy for law and justice National Assembly
Media Asma Jehangir Legal Aid Cell
Technology, activist
Architect, conservationist Marvi Mazhar & Associates
Development, activist
Technology, entrepreneurship Impact Dynamics
Activist Auratnaak, Girls at Dhabas
Awesome woman
Child rights activist PAHCHAAN
Awesome woman
Awesome woman
Awesome woman
Technology, development Women4PeaceTech
Researcher The Wilson Center
Awesome woman
Journalist Associated Reporters Abroad
Energy Punjab Government
Writer, Teacher
Journalist Global voices
Social entrepreneur
Journalist Pashto VOA
Professor urban planning Karachi Urban Lab IBA
Researcher, activist Info Learn PK, Women in Law initiative
Academic UNSW
Activist Digital Rights Foundation
Awesome woman
Lawyer SOAS
Journalist, director Media Matters For Democracy
Producer Patriot Act
Islamic finance Simply Shariah UK
Awesome woman
Feminist activist
Academic, activist
Researcher Agahi Foundation
  • @qrratugai
Awesome woman
Researcher Amnesty
Broadcast journalist ARY News
Television Host GEO TV
Academic Habib University
Journalist Dawn
Legal adviser ICJ Asia
Solar engineer ReOne Energy
Law & politics
RJ, Blogger Tarkaashi
Environmental journalist
Microfinance Kashif Foundation
Activist Aurat Raaj
Entrepreneur Popinjay
Writer, editor, comedian Arab News PK


Journalist, author
Journalist The News on Sunday
Microfinance Circle Women
Energy economist Punjab energy department
Entrepreneur IIUI BIC
Medical doctor, researcher, feminist
  • @Sairaishtiaq
Climate, entrepreneurship
Womens rights activist Punjab Status for the Commission of Women
Social entrepreneur Epiphany PK
Political scientist LUMS
  • @sanasaleem
Activist, writer BoloBhi
Journalist Gulf News
Awesome woman
Awesome woman GNN
Activist Justice Project Pakistan
Human rights Education For All
Awesome woman
Awesome woman
Technology director Ops Code for Pakistan
Awesome woman
Awesome woman
Social entrepreneur ABKT
Awesome woman
Founder, COO Genetech Solutions
Parliamentary Secy Commerce National Assembly
Awesome woman
Politician National Assembly
Awesome woman
Politician Senate
Minister Human Rights Government of Pakistan
Awesome woman
Awesome woman
Journalist CNN
Awesome woman
Business reporter ePakistanToday
Doctor, activist, MPA KPK Provincial Assembly
Writer, academic
Communication, Marketing
Politician Sindh Assembly
Awesome woman
Gender activist
Gender academics Women Democratic Front
Education activist
Editor Zau Magazine
Writer, editor The News on Sunday
Activist ADFE-FdM
Journalist, author The Rise News
Political activist
Journalist Asia 21
Sports Journalist
Human rights law
Editor The News International
Director N Shields Solutions
Loud-mouthed feminist
Software Engineer
Academic War Studies, Kings College
Gender Activist, media News One PK