Updates: Before She Sleeps in Turkish, FAZ essay in German, Reading list on Kashmir

  • Before She Sleeps is to be published in Turkey by the end of August. Here’s the cover, a slightly different version of the US cover. My publishers are Eksik Parca Yaniyevi, (Missing Parts) a small publishing house in Turkey which specializes in fantasy and science fiction.

Screenshot 2019-08-19 at 1.52.28 PM


  • A long essay I wrote about feminism in Muslim countries was published in the FAZ Quarterly, the magazine for the Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung. They’ve just re-run the article in their debate section of the newspaper which is available to read here in German. In it, I make the argument that conservative, patriarchal men use Islam to justify physical violence against women by twisting and distorting the interpretations. There is no real Islamic reason why domestic violence cannot be abolished legally. Ignorance and miseducation about women’s rights perpetuate this. But it is the women in these countries who use feminist and progressive interpretations of Islam to bravely counter this long-standing phenomenon. As Susie Meehan (@meehansusie on Twitter) said in a tweet to me, “Patriarchy and misogyny is the basis of the oppression of women. Laws, religion, culture, language etc is the means in which it is legitimised. Russia is not an Islamic state but has decriminalised domestic violence thereby legitimising rape and violence in marriage.”


  • In my column for Dawn Books and Authors, I published a reading list of books by and about Kashmir and Kashmiris, available online here. It is limited to fiction, and includes Mirza Waheed, Arundhati Roy, Siddartha Giggoo, Basharat Peer, and Shahnaz Bashir (who I unfortunately thought was a woman; apologies for the inadvertent sex change). If I’d had more space I would have included non fiction from Victoria Schofield and many other eminent authors. Possibly Shalimar the Clown by Salman Rushdie would have been included in the fiction list, too.